Community / Nursing Beds, Bed and Bedroom accessories along with bedside commodes.

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Bed Pole - Houghton Bed
To compilment the Houghton community bed we supply an optional bed pole and triangle handle with adj..
Ex Tax: $104.00
Bed Rails- Houghton Bed - Pair
To compilment the Houghton community bed we supply an optional fold down bed safety rails. they are ..
Ex Tax: $238.00
Houghton Community Bed
The Houghton hospital bed is an electronically actuated acute care bed which is appropriate for adul..
Ex Tax: $2,100.00
Bed / Chair Pads Disposable
Disposable Bed / Chair Pads are disposable incontinence pads for men and women, designed to&nbs..
Ex Tax: $26.95
Over Bed Pole
Free standing Over Bed Pole assists in pulling oneself up in bed either adjusting for comfort or aid..
Ex Tax: $199.00
Canterbury Over Bed Table
The Canterbury Multi-Table is a convenient, mobile table for use around the home, particularly usefu..
Ex Tax: $145.00
Deluxe Over Bed Table
The deluxe Multi Purpose Table is a convenient, mobile table for use around the home, particularly u..
Ex Tax: $199.00
Solo Transfer Bed Rail - Height Adjustable
Place under mattress to assist user in getting in and out of bed. Height adjustable grip with ..
Ex Tax: $69.00
Solo Double Transfer Rail
The double bedrail passes below the mattress and the looped handles extend up either side of the bed..
Ex Tax: $89.00
Bed Cradle - Height Adjustable
Supports weight of bedcovers  Height adjustable Fit either side or end of bed Fit unde..
Ex Tax: $65.00
Essex Bedside Commode
The Essex Commode Chair is a height adjustable, practical commode chair suitable for use as a bedroo..
Ex Tax: $145.00
Essex Beside Commode
The Essex G series Commode Chair comes in knock down form for ease of delivery with easy tooles..
Ex Tax: $145.00
Sussex Bariatric Commode
The Sussex Bariatric Commode has a one-piece seat with an integral contoured aperture for improved c..
Ex Tax: $335.00
Bed Pad
Waterproof Bed Pad with Tuck-ins A more eco-friendly option than disposable bed pads Attache..
Ex Tax: $38.95
Bed Rope Ladder
The Rope Ladder Bed Hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed; simply attach th..
Ex Tax: $29.95
Mattress Protector
Waterproof Mattress Protector Breathable, waterproof, anti‚Äďallergenic, anti-bacterial backing,..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Pillow Protectors
Waterproof Pillow Protectors - Pair Ideal for use with standard-sized pillows on single or dou..
Ex Tax: $24.99
Pillow Memory Foam with Cooling Gel
The memory foam pillow provides comfort, relieving pressure and moulding to your shape for great sup..
Ex Tax: $89.00
Bed Wedge
The Bed Wedge Cushion has been designed to provide upright or reclining support and is ideal for use..
Ex Tax: $75.00
Foam Leg Raiser
The ergonomically-designed Foam Leg Raiser can help to provide support to swollen legs and stimulate..
Ex Tax: $79.00
Bed & Chair Raisers - Set of 4
Bed Raisers are simply placed under chairs or beds to raise the height. The strong one-piece grey pl..
Ex Tax: $68.00
Bed Back Rest
The Birling Bed Back Rest is an ideal and versatile adjustable back rest for resting patients or tho..
Ex Tax: $75.00