Dressing Aids

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Long Handle Brush & Comb
Featuring extra-long, ergonomically-shaped handles with a comfortable rubber grip, this lightweight ..
Ex Tax: $29.95
Soft Sock Aid
32" straps with large loop handles are great for arthritis sufferers. Nylon trough, terry cloth oute..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Non Slip Double Sided Patient Sock
The Aidapt double tread non slip socks are ideal for providing extra grip for patients prone to fall..
Ex Tax: $12.95
Sock Aid
Lightweight and easy to use. The plastic trough can be bent to fit any size sock or stocking. Indent..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Sock Aid Helper
Makes the putting on of socks, hose and compression stockings easier, the sock is stretched ove..
Ex Tax: $65.00
Sock Aid on/off Slider
The Aidapt on/off Sock Aid Slider is ideal for users who are pregnant, suffer from injuries, or have..
Ex Tax: $39.95
Compression Socks
These knee-high unisex compression socks are ideal for the frequent traveler and are designed with a..
Ex Tax: $24.95
Shoehorn - Plastic
Conventional plastic shaped shoehorn with an extended length making it easy to use. Incorporates a h..
Ex Tax: $7.50
Shoehorn Long Metal
This extra long Shoehorn helps users with limited mobility to put on shoes without bending. Re..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Shoehorn - Long
This long, metal, chrome finish shoehorn is designed to help put on shoes without bending. Complete ..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Leg Lifter
This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the ha..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Dressing Stick Shoehorn Combo
  A lightweight dressing and shoe horn aid featuring a soft foam shaft for ease of gripping,..
Ex Tax: $16.95
Dressing Stick
A lightweight device for positioning and locating clothing. ..
Ex Tax: $12.95
Button Hook / Zip Pull
This handy device assists with securing buttons and zip fastening. Plastic Handle Button Hook/Zipper..
Ex Tax: $13.50
Elastic Shoelaces
Available in Black. Sold in pack of 3. Length 81cm. ..
Ex Tax: $11.00
Zipper Pull
These handy pulls are ideal for those who suffer with a poor or weakened grip and arthritis. Simply ..
Ex Tax: $9.50
Gel Toe Separators
Durable and slim Gel Toe Separators, designed to relieve pain, pressure and friction between toes. C..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Silicone Heel Cups
Durable Heel Cups made from medical grade silicone rubber to provide maximum shock absorption and su..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Silcone Insoles
Full Length Insoles constructed from medical grade silicone rubber. Supportive, durable and ergonomi..
Ex Tax: $19.99